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Lasting Moments of
First Excitement


Everyone has memories!

Most are happy

Happy Face

but some are sad
Sad Face

They come in different shapes
Different Shapes

different sizes

Dog Sizes

different colors

Rainbow of Colors

They have different tastes

Baby Tastes Dog Food   It tastes Like Chicken
Organic Peach Tastes Good    Taste of Choclate

different smells

Cat Smells Flower   Apple Cologne
Old Man Smell   Girld Holds Her Nose

different textures

Tree Wood Texture   Grass Texture Cute Kitten   Silk

different sights

White House   Postcards Wailing Wall   Pope Addresses Crowd

different sounds

Whale Picture and Sound   Beatles Album COver and Sound
His Master Voice   Duck Quacks

Some have a special place in our heart

Bugs Drools   Jake
sUNSET   Wedding

Some have a special place in our mind

JFK JR Salutes JFK   Meditation Memorial Day   Sign

Some are where we were when it happened

Kennedy Assassination Headline   Moon Landing Time Magazine Lennon Shot   Twin Towers Attacked 9/11

Some produce an adrenaline rush

Winning the Race   Boy Caught a FIsh
Rodeo Rider   Skydiving

Some a rapid increase in our heart rate

Checking Pulse   Training at Gym Kissing Couple   Bike Race

Some almost overwhelming emotions.

Mom and Baby
Angry Woman   Bunny and Deer

We all have a lifetime of memories.
So many thousands and millions that we do not remember them all.
We only remember those that have touched our lives in a special way

But of all our memories
few change our lives forever!

Those we call
"Lasting Moments of First Excitement"

Sometimes their impact is immediate
Sometimes it takes a little while
But it always starts with the unexpected
This is why young minds get inspired more then old
We encounter less of the unexpected as we get older
With age comes experience, knowledge, habits embracing the status quo
Often the mind closes to the infrequent unexpected and new encounters

But youth encounters the unexpected frequently
It is these encounters that can awaken the sense of wonder in the young
What they experience and how they experience can changes their lives!

"Lasting Moments of First Excitement"
are just that. Memories that will last a lifetime
And inspire young minds to explore and seek more from life
It may be the future path of a career or the drive to be all they can be
Once a young mind is awakened to the fact that there is more out there
It is hard to put the Genie back in the bottle

Just as Bandstand, 45's, Hula Hoops, the Twist, the Party Line,
Drive-In Movies and Restaurants, the Top 40 Countdown,
Record Hops and music on AM Radio were to past generations

The Internet, iTunes, Smart Phones, Facebook and Twitter are today's
Music, toys, social interaction and communications systems of the young


Many of the technological innovations of the past century
were created by Amateur (Ham) Radio operators
Most (but not all) of these were created in the process of improving
Ham Radio and its' ability to reach out and communicate with the world
But some were just created by Hams in their non-Ham business
Those exposed to and involved with Amateur Radio at an early age
have demonstrated time and time again that they had a
"Lasting Moment of First Excitement"
and were inspired to dream of what could be and then make it so

Here are just some of the things Hams were involved in creating:

  • Radio Communications
  • AM, FM and TV Broadcasting
  • Amateur TV (leading to picture sending and video chatting)
  • The original Digital Communications
  • Digital Display of communications information
    (the original Text Messaging)
  • Practical Commercial Helicopters
  • Worldwide and local Ham Radio networks (the original Social Network)
  • The Integrated Circuit
  • The Microprocessor leading to the Personal Computer
  • Computer interfacing to and control by Radio Communications
    (leading to Robotics)
  • Cell Phones
  • Store and Forward Communications (the original Email)
  • The Smart Modem (leading to Dial-up services like a BBS, AOL, Compuserve and The Source)
  • Packet Communications and Computer Networking
  • The Internet (a really large computer network)
  • Wireless Networking
  • High Speed Networks (leading to Broadband communications)
  • Satellite and Space Communications


Not all Hams started at an early age, but enough have to make it
a significant factor in their lifetime of success

Steve Wozniak    Steve Wozniak, cofounder of Apple Computer
   (the one who actually designed and built the computers)
   got his Ham Radio license in the 6th grade.

Dr Micheal S Brown
    W3DCL, Dr. Michael S. Brown, 1985 Nobel Prize Winner in   
   Medicine said "An amateur radio operating license obtained   
   at age 13 led to a life-long fascination with science"   

They experienced a
"Lasting Moment of First Excitement"

The ranks of Amateur Radio are filled with famous and accomplished
people many of whom you know by name or accomplishment

Here are just a few more: (SK) deceased and called a Silent Key

  • K1JT, Dr. Joseph Taylor, Nobel Prize Winning Physicist
  • K1OKI, Dr. Michael Schulhof, Former Chairman and CEO Sony America
  • N1ZSU, Ted Ts'o, Linux Kernel Developer
  • K2AMH, Robert Moog, Creator of Moog Synthesizer (SK)
  • KB2GSD, Walter Cronkite, CBS News Anchor (SK)
  • W2RID, John Rider, CEO of John F Rider Publishing
  • W2SKE, William Leonard, President of CBS News (SK)
  • K2ZCZ, George Pataki, Governor of New York
  • 3BEC, Arthur Young, Inventor of Bell Helicopter (SK)
  • W4CGP, Chet Atkins, Singer / Composer / Guitar Picker (SK)
  • K4EB, Larry Junstrom, Bass Guitar player for rock band 38 Special
  • WB4KCG, Ronnie Milsap, Singer / Songwriter
  • K4LIB, Arthur Godfrey, TV Personality (SK)
  • KG4UYY, Lance Bass, N'SYNC pop singer
  • KD4WUJ, Patty Loveless, Country Music Singer
  • W5CY, Howard Hughes, Inventor / Pilot / Hollywood Producer (SK)
  • (America's First Billionaire)
  • WB6CAU, Joe Walsh, Singer / Songwriter / Guitarist of the Eagles
  • W6OBB, Art Bell, Syndicated Late Night Radio Personality
  • KE6PZH, Marlon Brando, Actor (SK)
  • 9DRV, David Packard, cofounder of Hewlett-Packard (SK)
  • And almost every American Astronaut

These are just a few of the thousands of exceptionally high achievers
who are (or were) Ham Radio operators. There are lots more who are
Nobel Prize Winners, Heads of High Tech Companies, Elected Officials,
Sports stars, Radio, TV and Film stars and executives, and high ranking
military officers. And these are just from the US.

There are more than twice as many Hams in other countries than in the
US and they have equally high achievers including Kings and Queens and
Business leaders, Scientists and Cosmonauts.

For most of these the common factor is they started young
They had that
"Lasting Moment of First Excitement"
And it led them on a path of discovery and achievement
taking them to the pinnacle of their professions

They may have been successful without Ham Radio
But for most Ham Radio was the spark that ignited the fire of success

But what of today's youth?

They hold technology in their hands that was not even dreamed of
100+ years ago when Ham Radio started
Is Ham Radio still relevant for them or does it belong in a
Museum of History rather than a Museum of Science and Discovery?

The strengths of Ham Radio are its' independence from public infrastructure
And that it can be done by anyone from pre-teen to centurion
It offers limitless exploration of science, technology, engineering, and
math while providing unlimited fun, excitement and enjoyment

The weakness of Smart Phones and the Internet is their dependence
on the public infrastructure which has been unreliable despite an ever
increasing monthly expense and increasing governmental control

Every week across the US the Amateur Radio Emergency Service is
activated to provide communications because the infrastructure has failed
Sometimes this is for natural disasters like Hurricanes, floods, wildfires,
tornadoes, and earthquakes. Other times it is from equipment failures
like 911 systems, police and fire communications, and power plants.
Sometimes it is from man made disasters like 9/11.

When All Else Fails Amateur Radio Works

While being able to work "off the grid" is a compelling factor,
combining the modern technology of Ham Radio with grid based systems
like Smart Phones, Tablets, (hundreds of apps) and the Internet
(thousands of sites) opens whole new worlds of discovery

Amateur Radio is not an either / or technology
It is the opportunity to expand technology in ways not yet dreamed of
You can buy it off the shelf, build it from kits and plans in print,
or design it yourself from the ground up
Combining the best of Computers, the Internet, Smart Phones and
Social Networking with Ham Radio will lead to making it all better
and creating the technological innovations of the 21st century

And this is the opportunity for today's youth
Combine the technology of Amateur Radio with the technology they
already use and create something greater

And the opportunity and challenge for the rest of us is
to excite and inspire these young minds by creating

"Lasting Moments of First Excitement"